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    Investing in California

    The California-based food supplement manufacturer has raised with our help the second round of investment for the year. We started cooperation with the simplest financial analysis, and during the year we made a flexible financial model that allows us to plan production, purchases, sales, cash flows and show these data to investors in real time.…
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    Happy New year!

    Thanks to everyone we worked with last year. Customers, partners, employees. Thanks to ILTI and Advance-IT for interesting listeners, thanks to customers for interesting tasks. Next year there are already good orders and new plans. Other countries, other industries, but still we are doing the same - we are helping you to correctly calculate your…
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    Notary model

    At the request of the industry association, we made a financial model of an ordinary Ukrainian notary. Based on it, associations will be able to select and justify new tariff plans, give advice on minimizing costs and make a kind of roadmap for the beginning notary, what he needs and how much it will cost.…
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    Medical calculations

    The country is undergoing a medical reform, with which family doctors appear in clinics, receiving money from the state for patients they care. At the same time, the model of financing clinics is changing, in past government covered all expenses, but now they are given a certain budget that you can manage yourself. For accountants…
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