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    Investment preparation

    We completed the project on preparation for investments of the average agricultural company. In the process, we estimated finances and results for three years ahead, calculated the investment plan in details and found out that company would cope on their own resourses. Instead of the offer to buy a stake, our final document was a…
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    Reporting for IT

    We have completed the project on setting up monthly reports between the Ukrainian IT company and foreign owners, which includes a cost report for the owners as well as reports to the company's customers. Also we made the financial planning and rates validation for European projects of the company. Reports are now linked to a…
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    Course “Finance for IT Managers”

    Finished reading the author's course "Finances for IT Managers" within the framework of "Strategic Management" from IT-tuning. It was an interesting course, in which I tried to tell people with C-level experience  about why they need finance in the company's management system and how to use them correctly. The idea of ​​the course is to…
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    Internal investment project

    Completed the work on the preparation of an internal investment project for one of the largest enterprises in Kharkov. The task was to analyze the efficiency of work with external suppliers and the opportunity to develop own production of consumables. Given that the company buys millions of units per month, the issue has been brewing…
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