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    I think everyone who has had to communicate with at least a small stream of people, over time, begins to recognize their conditional reasonableness. Enough to be able to open the door, be able to speak or read simple phrases of up to three words. But obviously not enough for any chain of reasoning from…
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    Transparent finances

    We held yesterday a webinar with lawyers about the collaboration of partners in the company. It is always interesting with lawyers, because we are from different planets. For a lawyer, a business is always a firm with it's registration, an account, assets, a charter with prescribed rights and obligations and disputes around all of this.…
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    Financial managers

    Over the past year, I helped three IT companies search for financiers in Kharkov. It was a good fifty resumes and a couple of dozen interviews. The most of them fit into two clear options. 1) Partisans. Financiers who work now in small and medium-sized firms. As a rule, they came to an empty place…
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