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    Vegetable planning

    We finished the business plan for a small agricultural company. It was necessary to justify the allocation of land for the cultivation of organic vegetables. It was a challenging project that broke all records for the number of changes and edits - but we've managed it. Once again we were convinced of the correctness of…
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    IT financial dashboards

    It's just a boom in financial control panels for IT companies. Everybody needs to see transparently where the profit comes from in the company, how to increase it and what to do with the costs. Budgeting is trending as well. Since the beginning of the year, two projects have been handed over, three more are…
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    Children’s clinic

    For a long time there were no updates. And this is not because there are no projects, rather the reverse. But I try to write about what has already been completed, and the last year projects have been mostly large and still continue. Plus the NDA imposes its imprint. Nevertheless, there are those about which…
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