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    Speech at the Forum

    October 18-th C-consulting representative Dmitry Babaev acted as speaker at the XII forum CFOs in Kiev with the theme: "Development of small agricultural companies with foreign investments usage", which examined the consequences of attracting foreign investments for agricultural companies under different scenarios. According to the participants, a report was in the top three of the…
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    Audit support

    In preparation for the attraction of foreign investments completed audit support for a major food company, administrated by C-consulting specialists. The audit was conducted for 2012 and covered both Ukrainian and Cypriot holding units, with their overall consolidation under IFRS. The process was complicated by the need to work with a large number of databases,…
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    Meeting with Polish colleagues

    18-21 February С-consulting met colleagues from Polish brockerage house WDM.In the two-day visit to Kharkiv came Wojciech Grzegorczyk, vice president WDM Capital, Slawomir Cal Calko, president of WDM Securities Co and Lukasz Bogdan Luc, legal adviser of WDM. In Kharkov, C-consulting held a series of meetings between representatives of the brokerage house with our clients…
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