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    Startup marketing

    Project for a startup in the field of e-commerce finished. The project includes e-commerce marketing report on the market in several countries to assess the potential growth of the project. Also, the financial model of the interaction of a startup with customers was created to estimate projected cash flows and the necessary investments. The project was…
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    Quick answer

    Approximately half of our customers to solve their problem need only one consultation. Once we help formulate the question correctly, the client finds an answer. We remind you that consultation up to an hour - free of charge. You still come back with a more complex task. :)
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    Speech at the Forum

    October 18-th C-consulting representative Dmitry Babaev acted as speaker at the XII forum CFOs in Kiev with the theme: "Development of small agricultural companies with foreign investments usage", which examined the consequences of attracting foreign investments for agricultural companies under different scenarios. According to the participants, a report was in the top three of the…
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