• Reporting for IT

    Reporting for IT

    We have completed the project on setting up monthly reports between the Ukrainian IT company and foreign owners, which includes a cost report for the owners as well as reports to the company's customers.

    Also we made the financial planning and rates validation for European projects of the company.

    Reports are now linked to a single database, correlated with each other, accompanied by a description of the logic and made in a single form that allows you to monitor the dynamics of indicators throughout the year.

    As a result, the tension between the Ukrainian and foreign offices of the company decreased significantly, long-term issues were resolved and the work became much more transparent. Also, the preparation of monthly reports began to take less than a day compared to the week of hassle and correspondence, as it was before.

    We saved for the managers of the company more than 100 hours of their work and eventually took most of the reports to outsourcing - we will prepare them ourselves.

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