• Accounting system restoring

    In 2014, one of the clients approached us with the task to restore the functionality of the accounting system 1C. After a system failure occurred the following problems:

    •     incorrectly calculated the cost of production;
    •     incorrectly closed the month;
    •     month-end closing took considerable time (up to 2 days);
    •     it was necessary to bring in previous periods a considerable number of adjustments;

    As a result, management of the client were not sure of getting correct financial results. The situation is complicated by the continuous system load  and its inability to stop because of the large number of expense receipts (5,000 per month).

    Project management was entrusted to managing partner of C-consulting Dmitry Babayev.

    In months the system has been analyzed and key problem areas  formulated, how they should be changed. On the project was collected mixed working group consisting of employees of the client and the company's employees, which meets weekly for setting the current tasks and analyzing results.

    Also during the project considered various solutions and attracted external programmers and IT companies.

    Within three months, the project team managed to find a software solution that will reduce the time of closing the month up to several hours. After lengthy calculations were found bugs in the program, restored correct costing and spelled out the procedure in the closing months of financial and managerial accounting. Administrative measures was implemented to limit the intervention in the previous periods and established regulated reports, enabling transparent and correct financial results for the client's management.

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