• Small IPO at WSE

    Agroliga - Ukrainian agricultural company, which in 2009 was faced with the lack of investment. As a decision consultants offered access to the international stock market.

    Project management from the client was assigned to Dmitry Babayev, managing partner of C-consulting. During the project, our side was responsible for:

    • coordination and cooperation of all parties to ensure the process
    • development and formalization of the company's strategy for 5 years
    • preparation of financial and investment plan
    • preparation of the first application of IFRS and the reporting of the group for 2008-2009
    • support of international audit
    • restructuring of the companies into an international holding company
    • preparation of the Ukrainian part of the Prospectus for investors
    • the issue of shares to foreign holding group
    • preparation and maintenance of listing on the stock exchange and the first trades.

    As a result, the company received 1 million euros from the issue of shares.

    Our company now provides for Agroliga reporting and information duties to the exchange.

    More information about the project can be found in presentation.

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