• IT recruitment

    IT recruitment


    C-Consulting provides Full Cycle of Recruitment and Financial services for IT.

    Let’s talk about our IT Recruitment’s Side )



    Why C-Consulting?

    • We take care of details
    • We take care of reputation
    • We take care of confidentiality
    • We submit the right candidates for job positions within short terms
    • We present a wide choice of interested candidates
    • We have a rich pool of Candidates
    • We keep you updated
    • We are positive

    7 Steps for Effective Collaboration - Selection of IT Specialist

    • Sending the Request Form
    • Requirements negotiation and discussing the type of cooperation
    • Signment of the Agreement
    • We recommend you Candidates, which are interested
    • We are always in touch with the Customer
    • The selected Candidate starts the Probation Period
    • Payment for our services

    C-Consulting_ Expertise

    7 Steps for Effective Collaboration - Market Research

    • Sending the Request Form
    • Negotiation of the Requirements, details and deadlines
    • Signment of the Agreement
    • Prepayment
    • We conduct necessary market analysis
    • We send the analysis results on time
    • Full payment for our services

    7 Steps for Effective Collaboration - Recruitment Audit

    • Sending the Request Form
    • Negotiation of the Requirements / Problem and details
    • Evaluation and negotiation of the cost of the work
    • Signment of the Agreement
    • Analysis and verification of the Recruitment Processes (Recruiter’s interaction with the Team (TL, PM, HR, Developers etc.); Workflow Analysis; Salaries check and compliance with IT market; “Secret Candidate”; Evaluating the effectiveness of the recruiter
    • Formulation of the Audit Result
    • Delivery of Recommendations

    Recruitment Business Processes

    • Do you feel that Recruiting is not good?
    • Do you feel that you need a sober, unengaged view of professional?
    • Do you feel that you need to review and update your Recruitment Processes?


    We are glad to help you!
    We use Best practices from USA and Europe to make your Recruitment and Staffing Processes more transparent, flexible, effective, less time-consuming and boring.

    Training Program for IT Recruiters

    C-Consulting is glad to announce our Training Program for IT Recruiters!


    • Would you like to know what is a real IT Recruiting?
    • Would you like to get lots of practice with strong tech background?
    • Are you ready to meet Best Practices?

    Then you are welcome to Start our Training Program for IT Recruiters!


    Intensive Individual Course

    • Duration: 1 - 2 months (depends on individual schedule)
    • Cost: 5000 UAH

    Training Program includes:

    • real team
    • real recruitment process
    • real vacancies
    • real candidates
    • real clients (lots of well-known IT Companies)
    • real Search Techniques and Methods
    • real tools (ATS, task tracking systems etc.)
    • real work with feedbacks, objections and many-many more…

    After successful Internship we:

    - can recommend You for lots of IT Companies

    - can invite You to join our Team!

    C-Consulting_ Our_clients

    Feedbacks about us:

    “I want to recommend C-Consulting Ukraine as a good IT recruitment provider and Angelina Babayeva as a professional IT-recruiter.
    I have been working with Angelina for more than 1 year. I can say that she is smart, experienced and successful professional. She has executed the most ambitious projects with the high level of expertise. With her assistance we hired several experienced .NET software developers.
    Angelina is very responsible and flexible person. She often made concessions and offered appropriate solutions for tasks assigned to C-Consulting Ukraine.”

    Sergey Sgadov, GlobalLogic



    “Angelina did an excellent job helping me to find the best candidates for our project. She successfully holds both the interest of the company and that of the candidate in her mind at all times. Also she is a great person - organized and prompt. I am planning to use her services whenever I need to recruit good IT guys for our company.”

    Anna Naibulina, AgileEngine



    “I was an intern for Traineeship direction of "IT Recruitment" in C-Consulting during September-October, 2016. I can say with confidence that Angelina is a great person and real professional, it was very comfortable to work with her. I'm very grateful for great experience and practical knowledge, which helped me to gain recruitment skills. Thank you for your assistance in my employment in IT Company!”

    Alyona Morozova, CHI