• Finances – 15 years (accounting, audit, consulting).

    Resident expert of publishing company "Factor", author of "Reporting electronically".



    Building, real estate, wholesale, export and import.



    • Accounting;
    • Tax optomozation and tax litigation;
    • Automation of accounting ;
    • Unusual and innovative projects


    Typical roles:

    • external accountant;
    • external consultant in projects of book records recovery or reorganizing;
    • external consultant in projects of Tax optomozation and tax litigation;
    • executant in accountant researches.


    Projects for the last 3 years:

    1. Tax Compliance for several Ukrainian companies in different industries;
    2. Consolidation of management reporting of enterprises of one of the largest Ukrainian retailers;
    3. Verification and testing of credentials the enterprises of system Ukrainian Consumer Cooperation;
    4. Tax consulting for optimization of a deal during selling a complex of building for a large Kharkov manufacturing company.

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