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    I think everyone who has had to communicate with at least a small stream of people, over time, begins to recognize their conditional reasonableness.

    Enough to be able to open the door, be able to speak or read simple phrases of up to three words.
    But obviously not enough for any chain of reasoning from at least one link: If the door says “To itself”, this does not mean that it will be dragged out - and with at least a small increase in complexity, the number of those able to cope drops dramatically.

    And there is an obvious contradiction here, because many of the terribly stupid ones are dressed well and arrived in expensive cars, which they apparently earned. But how? How can a stock analyst work and ride a X7 person who makes four mistakes in the three words of the questionnaire?

    The answer to this in the industry is simple and usually consists of one word. I will not give the female version, but the male one: “Relative” or “Bribe taker”.

    This is an interesting option, but probably not. I myself saw obvious contradictions among those whom I knew personally, but did not understand the answer before the age of 35.

    And now I understand.

    In any case, it is enough to turn situations from a sparkling joint “Why have these morons not yet given documents?!?” And “Why have these idiots still not paid the supplier?!?” Into normal work, when documents are collected by those who this payment is needed - and in the place of nerve morons appear sane and quick-witted people.

    Just if a normal person is frankly stupid, in many cases he simply does not understand why or why he is doing this. And no, “Because money pays for it” is not the answer. And yes, he will not tell you this, simply because he himself does not understand this.
    Therefore, for me lately, idiots are only there, where they don’t reach their hands to make normal processes and dissolve who is responsible for what. Then they become bunnies and clever.

    So, several of our recent orders were precisely to build conflict-free financial processes. Contact us!

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