• Transparent finances

    Transparent finances

    We held yesterday a webinar with lawyers about the collaboration of partners in the company.

    It is always interesting with lawyers, because we are from different planets.

    For a lawyer, a business is always a firm with it's registration, an account, assets, a charter with prescribed rights and obligations and disputes around all of this.

    For me, business is an amorphous conglomerate of dozens of firms, private entrepreneurs, current accounts and various values, which can be nothing and is not connected anywhere except in the heads of the founders.

    And the values ​​for which it makes sense to fight - not at all real estate or bank accounts, this is a deeply particular case, the remainder of the 90s.

    It makes sense to fight for teamwork, which brings more than the work of each of the participants. And such work is based only on trust and rightness.

    Transparent finance is exactly what creates trust and supports rightness.
    The question is usually just how to organize it properly.

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