• Valentine’s


    Quarterly reporting for customers from the stock exchanges is completed .

    This is the only record of the year, which is earlier than the timing of Ukrainian accounting and, therefore, the most sophisticated of them.

    To submit reports to the authorities they have time until the end of February, and I need information from them for at least three weeks before. Naturally, the result is an ambush in aggravated forms. I push client's head accountant, they hollow ordinary accountants, they require those documents from subcontractors, and further along the chain.
    And I'm not the chief of them - so that an external subcontractor with uncertain rights.

    It turns out a zero sum game - accountants need more time to calculate numbers at home and to be white and beautiful, and I need an amicable least a month, to check them, to do the  transformation right, to add foreign companies and to consolidate.
    In February, for all of this is nothing more than a week. In an ideal case.
    We have to quickly assess what have time, and what is not, to give rough estimates and to cut other quick. Taking into account that once laid out will not change, it will be checked by the auditors, and each number will have to be as solid as a stone.

    A lot of nerves, a lot of abuse, and a crescendo of all falls on Valentine's Day.

    Never late.

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