• Financial services

    Financial Services


    Full cycle, from the choice of the method of funding and to investor's exit.

    Financial planning

    Financial plan for any user, from interactive models for company management to financial prognoses to Prospectus.

    Investor reporting

    Periodical reports to investors according EC #809/2004. Audited financial reports. Informational duties.


    Transformation from national standards of accounting to IAS/IFRS.

    How it works

    Process and prices

    Problem formulation

    At the preliminary meeting customer formulates the problem or task. We collect additional information and points the way how to cope with this problem. Often, the final problem is very far from starting.

    Project planning

    After problem agreed we creating the project plan. What the team will do in what time frame, which internal and external resources will be required and what the customer will receive at the end of each stage. The plan and the budget approved by the customer. The cost of our services consists of experts on working time set rates.

    Workflow and pesponsibilities

    After approval of the plan and the receipt of payment the team gets to work. We are responsible for deadlines and objectives achieving regardless of any whatever external conditions. Any changes are consistent with the customer immediately. In any project we add the list of statements and exceptions used. The project is stated as completed after the pre-defined conditions fullfilled.

    Project examples


    Project evaluation and preparation of the investment proposal

    Our specialists analyze the proposed plan, make financial outlook and a mini-business plans, as well as offer a method of attracting investments into the project. The resulting document is used to attract a bank loan, the equity investor or EBRD financing.

    • Size - 15-30 pages
    • Billing - 10-20 hours
    • Completion - 2 weeks


    Preparation of financial statements under IFRS

    It includes the consolidation of Group companies reporting, transforming it into IFRS and the preparation of the balance sheet, income statement, statement of shareholders' equity and notes to the statements. External audit support (extra billing). Report could be used by foreign and domestic investors.

    • Size - 30-100 pages
    • Billing - 50-100 hours
    • Completion - 1-2 months


    Fundraising at foreign markets

    The restructuring of the company with the to a foreign holding company, international audit, writing a formal proposal to investors, road-show, support the issue of shares or bonds.

    • Size - unlimited
    • Billing - hours rate + bonus
    • Completion - 1 year